Our History

We have ridden on the back of our sister company, Izako Limited (www.izako.com), which has been in the food distribution company since 2002. Izako has emerged as a market leader in the distribution of frozen food with cold stores in the major parts of Ghana. Following the success of Izako Limited, the company, in it’s quest to becoming a one stop shop has consolidated its business with the ‘dry’ products by creating a chain of distribution needed to distribute all the range of canned products as well as general grocery products in our brand.

Our Future:

Probianca, in our quest to consolidating our business operations in the entire continent has developed a model that seeks to identify country reps which will represent our company as “sole and exclusive” distributors in their respective countries. We intend to in a matter of urgency, consolidate the West African boundaries by December 2020 and thereby go ahead to extend our operations to the remaining parts of Africa by 2025.

Nana Foods